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Linsuce to the pursuit of quality of life of young people as the target customer, the quality and design of elegant combination, highlighting the taste and personality at the same time, the practical and fashion integration for the modern high-quality young people to provide fashionable bathroom products, interpretation Young people warm and energetic lifestyle. Founded in 1995, TAG Heuer is located in Xiamen, a garden city in China. The company is committed to the people-oriented concept of products and has cooperated with many universities and colleges in materials, chemistry and physics for a long time and has independently developed new materials and products. The United States, France, Britain, Germany, Australia, Europe and other countries and regions in a series of international authority of product certification, in the country, Europe and the United States, Southeast Asian countries, the OEM And the DIY market occupies an important position, a large-scale high-end bathroom brand an important partner.