The latest models of the Haoyamei bathroom shower official website quotes to share

The latest models of the Haoyamei bathroom shower official website quotes to share

Bathroom shower is a human bath in the history of a major invention, diversion of water or gentle or rapid, giving a variety of bath experience. Currently on the market types are more and more abundant shower, a separate shower, there are dragons Head shower integrated, and many businesses launched a massage shower. TAG Heuer also has a variety of bathroom sprinkler a single product and set, then the price how? Xiaobian today together to understand the bathroom under the shower of TAG Heuer The price of it.


Xiamen City TAG Heuer Hardware & Bathroom Industrial Co., Ltd. is a TAG Heuer US brand direct marketing companies, TAG Heuer US flagship store is one of its network platform. Tianma TAG Heuer flagship stores main products include shower, pendant, hardware accessories And so on, the shower is one of its main products. So, TAG Heuer how the beauty of the shower price? Cost-effective? Today Xiaobian to bring you the latest models of the TAG Heuer US bathroom shower official website quotes to share.


First, the latest TAG Heuer shower official website quotes - Model LY004 shower set prices
 Haoyamei to create the model LY004 shower set is a single double control double shower head set, the stand can rotate lift, the current promotional price of 368 yuan. This TAG Heuer beauty shower set mainly by the leading, top spray, hand Spray, shower pipe, shower pipe, corner, fixed seat, slip sleeve and other components. Shower accessories as an important part of the shower, this type of TAG Heuer American shower compared to some of the same type, with the style of the brands shower Price concessions. Its modern minimalist style can be decorated with various types of bathroom, in line with the aesthetic needs of most people.


Second, the latest TAG Heuer bathroom shower official website offer - Model LY009 lift shower set price
 Haoyammei models to build the model has two different specifications, optional shower, the price of 138 yuan and 228 yuan. The shower fixed rod with selected high-quality stainless steel, thick design even if long-term use is not Easily deformed. From the above picture of the shower can be seen in the lift seat built-in spring hooks non-slip loose design, a free to adjust the height, rotation design can also adjust the shower angle. 1.5M double copper Head flexible telescopic hose anti-burst anti-blocking strong, flexible design allows the shower more confidence.


Third, the latest TAG Heuer shower official website quotes - Model LY005 shower set prices
 The same model built by TAG Heuer LY005 shower set price of 288 yuan, you can also choose one of the hose and hand shower and other components purchased separately. Its leading use of low-lead, no harm to the refined copper material from casting, with a bactericidal effect, the material is relatively environmentally friendly. TAG Heuer special air injection technology can improve the utilization of water resources, mixing part of the water in the water, the use of water flow in the shower chamber produced negative pressure, Pulse sense, in reducing water consumption at the same time, bring more comfort to enjoy.


Fourth, the latest TAG Heuer shower official website quotes - Model SP004 shower three-piece price
 Haoyameis model SP004 shower three-piece with five water mode, just a key to switch to enjoy the family SPA, the shower head, hose, wall seat three-piece price of 58 yuan. This shower The surface of multi-layer plating technology, electroplating chrome natural, bright and clean, timeless. Humanized handle one piece, slender handle grip excellent, and its internal thermal design to prevent the impact of overheating water gripping sense. In addition, this TAG Heuer US sprinkler interface and water holes are used environmentally friendly materials, especially the sprinkler outlet, the use of food-grade silicone nozzle, can effectively prevent bacterial growth. This is to provide you with the latest models Of the TAG Heuer US bathroom shower official website quotes to share. Overall, the TAG Heuer US shower set price between 100-500 yuan, the price gap is not very large, its separate shower heads, hoses and wall blocks and the like accessories Single product is lower prices. We can choose according to their actual needs and acceptable price range to select the corresponding shower products, you can also consult the online customer service。